Use the ‘T’ !

Hello and welcome once more. It’s been a couple of weeks since my last waffling.  So…

confused faceSince my last posting there’s been quite a bit of activity. Had a few days at sea where, we got to Anglesey, Isle of Man and Scotland to name but a few places.

AND…….In addition to that I’ve been shortlisted for the Best Visitor Experience Award in the 2014 Lancashire Tourism Awards which are to be held at Blackpool Tower in November. That means that Sailorboy will have to buy a new frock for the evening !

Unfortunately, I can’t make the final interviews due to me being ‘working’ on the charters  have in Greece. I’ve asked the assistance of Gareth from Zebra Colour to act as a substitute and with the assistance of a video from me will hopefully satisfy the judges.

Anyway, time will tell whether or not this was a good idea.

So…..Use the ‘T’ is the title of this post. “Pray tell” you may say? Well, I have noticed over recent years that it has become ‘trendy’ to not pronounce the ‘T’ in a word.

For example…. Water becomes Wa’er, Computer becomes Compu’er, MUFC fans talk about Uni’ed etc etc. Get the picture. You must have noticed or perhaps is my grammar police attitude going a tad too far?


Another one for the numtyesque type of person is the use of  ‘must of’ instead of ‘must have’ or should of’ instead of ‘should have’. I suggest that going against these basics of English grammar are reasonable grounds for the reintroduction of corporal punishment.

AND WHILE I’M AT IT don’t even get me on the subject of the correct use of the apostrophe !

ATD is what is needed…… ATTENTION TO DETAIL. We need to clamp down on this slacking otherwise who knows where it will end.

Also, there’s the use of to and too, where and were. It’s almost as bad as somebody walking through a door before you and not having the manners to pause and hold it while you approach.

I think a return to good old fashioned values is what is needed. A time when you could called a bird ‘love’ or ‘petal’ without being accused of being sexist, something I am definitely not. I treat all the ‘girlies’ as equals and even offer them parking assistance at the marina as I know how difficult the ‘chicks’ find it trying to get the vehicle in between the white lines.


I think that’ll do for today.

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I must now get in touch with Ka’ie from Palmer Publici’y to arrange my sign for the airport.

And remember folks……Life is not a rehearsal !

2011-01-08 21.11.26Ps. We’ve had Monica at the hairdresser for a new look. What d’ya think?





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