Viva Espana, Greece or maybe Tuscany

A tranquil sunsetAfter much deliberation and thought it’s looking like I will be transferring the charter operation of Atlas Sailing to Spain. Initially this will be from October to April where afterwards, depending what happens with the Greek situation at the moment, I will be having the Spring & Summer base doing the Greek Islands.

That is assuming everything is okay with Greece and their economy. My alternative should things not look too stable is to base myself on the coast of Tuscany and that being the case we would have cruising grounds that will include places like Elba, Giglio, Monte Cristo, Corsica, Sardinia etc.

I would honestly like to hear any feedback you may have on if I was based in Italy though.

To change has not been a decision that has been taken lightly but there are numerous reasons and incidents that have made me make the decision. Many of the reasons are not for publication on here but one that has swung it has been the bad weather we have had so far this year.

I have had to cancel numerous training courses and charters due to the very heavy weather we have experienced. It’s a constant worry about having to postpone and disappoint people. At least being based in The Med area I can virtually guarantee that apart from some freak weather we will be sailing.

I go over to Spain next month to finalise details with the marina which will probably be La Linea. I chose this one because there are 4 flights per week available all year round and the transfer time from airport to the marina is ‘literally’ 5 minutes.

In addition to this I can still carry out the training all around the year and even combine it with the 7 day adventure holidays we will be doing so that not only do guests have a totally unique experience but they can also gain some form of qualification with it if they so wish.

In the meantime I will be looking to work with travel agents so as to be able to offer various packages that will involve both land and sea so people can spend a week on exploring places by sea then should they wish have the second week relaxing on a beach or by a pool somewhere.

The decision to change was made easier by the amount of enquiries I received when I first mentioned I might be relocating. There seems to be plenty people wanting to have a week away in the Autumn & Winter to escape the cold, grey British climate.

IMG_1852 (1024x768)So around mid September we will be sailing out of Fleetwood and heading south to cross Biscay and start a new chapter for Atlas Sailing.

To promote the first season I’ve put together some pretty attractive rates so whether you’re on your own or have a group you can experience the pleasure of a voyage with us on Atlas. Beware though, you might get hooked !

I won’t however be over there permanently myself. I will be flying out as and when the schedule dictates so you will still see my ‘pretty, little face’ around the various events I attend. I don’t think I could ever give up the networking as I feel many of the people I know through it are more like work colleagues and in many more cases I’d class them a exceptionally good friends and I’d like to think the feeling is mutual.

Here’s a link with more info and please feel free to share with anyone you think might be interested in Sailing Adventures in the sun

I will keep you updated.

Regards   Andy


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