We go tonight !

Pontoon yacht viewAfter being weather bound at Milford Haven for 5 days we now have a reasonable window for good sailing conditions to head out into the big, blue wilderness of the Atlantic and cross Biscay. Our original plans have changed (as they generally do when sailing) so our planned first stop of Bayonna may now be missed if we are making good way so our next stop could be the beautiful Portuguese town of Sesimbra.

The first leg from Fleetwood was quite challenging to say the least. After a good first day of sailing the weather changed for the worse….and then got EVEN WORSE. During the hours of darkness of Friday night/ Saturday morning we faced some pretty horrendous conditions. The saving grace was I suppose the fact that it was dark so we couldn’t see the size of the waves coming our way. The only time we got a view of the waves was when the bow of the yacht was hit by a wave and threw a tsunami of sea water up into the air and along the yacht. All this enhanced by being in the middle of severe gales that were gusting up to 50 knots.

Every crew member did their bit and performed well during the challenge. I can say that when my watch finished at 0130 I was absolutely both mentally and physically drained. So much so that when I retired to my cabin I slipped into a virtual coma which is very unusual as I don’t tend to sleep very well whilst on passage.

I decided to leave entering the river to the marina until daylight hours as I deemed to do it in those conditions during darkness would have been a bit too risky not least the fact that there were numerous large tankers and cargo vessels in the area.

For anyone wishing to track out progress you can follow us on http://www.marinetraffic.com/en/

Just search for Atlas by typing in the mmsi number of 235091719

This tracker works via VHF signal so it could be that for certain times our position will not change until we come back into range.

All being well my next report will be from some foreign shore!


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