YO….Bro !

I’m going to have a little moan. IMG_1829We all have our own accents for where we come from which is fine as it gives us our own identity and I find it amusing when you hear things pronounced in so many different ways. For example:

Two fruit juices in Yorkshire would be said as TOOO FROOOOT  JOOOCES

Car park said in Blackburn would be said as CARRRR PARRRRRK

That’s fine.


What does wind me up though is all this ‘foreign speak’ coming into the English grammar. In particular, some of the younger fraternity, many of whom wish to speak like a U.S. gangsta rapper. Yo, know what am sayin’ homies?

It does honestly ‘get on ma tits man’! There’s also the NON-pronunciation of the letter ‘t’ and pronouncing ‘th’ as an ‘f’. I suppose it sort of trendy and I’m not ‘down wid da yoof ‘.

This is rife and can be heard on television often when certain ‘southern’ TV people are waffling. An example is to pronounce the word ‘thirty’ as ‘fffirty’ and the word ‘computer’ as ‘compu’er ‘. Ya get ma drift man?


That said, it’s not as bad as people who say ‘yeah’ after every sentence or ones who put ‘like’ into every sentence.

However………….the ones that wind me up no end are the people who talk Australian. By that I mean they raise the tone of their voice towards the end the sentence they are saying so that every sentence sounds like a bloody question even though it isn’t.

Apparently I’ve heard that this little uplift in tone is called an ‘upward inflection’……My arse, I’d call it bloody affliction.

Anyway, that’s that off my chest but don’t even get me started on written grammar. I’ll save that for another time.

Thanks for reading and may I inform you of a couple of things we have coming up? You could actually listen to me jabbering on in real life instead of in this blog. What a treat!


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Thanks for taking time to read this.


Andy (Innit)


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