The Zero to Hero Guide !

I’ve put this post together to clarify the most practical route to take in order to obtain your qualification to charter your own yacht as a skipper.

International Yacht TrainingVirtually everyone in the UK thinks that the only way to obtain recognised qualifications to charter your own yacht is to get the RYA Day Skipper. This is definitely NOT the case.

The main criteria in the UK is that the training provider and the accreditation are recognised by the MCA (Maritime Coastguard Agency).


The IYT (International Yacht Training) scheme we offer IS recognised by the MCA and is also recognised by more countries worldwide that the RYA thus making it a more credible option. It is for this reason I changed from RYA to IYT because I believe the IYT training offered is more relevant to what people actually want.


With this in mind I have compiled the ‘Zero to Hero’ guide to obtain your Skipper’s Licence. This guide is assuming the candidate has absolutely zero experience, however, the programme can be adapted dependent on the level of experience you have therefore saving you time and money.


So, from ‘Zero’ the training would consist of:

4 day Theory Course £300.00

5 day Practical Course of Crew Competence £550.00

5 day Practical Course of Skipper Competence £550.00

Course manuals & certification £165.00

To complete the above 14 day ‘Zero to Hero’ course it would cost (including course manuals and certificates) £1565.00

Once all these modules are successfully completed you are deemed qualified to obtain the ICC (international Certificate of Competence) and it is this ICC that you are asked for when chartering a boat abroad.

Incidentally, the IYT are not restricted (unlike the RYA) in issuing non UK nationals with the ICC this makes Atlas Sailing totally unique in the UK as we are able to train and offer certification to residents of all countries.


The ‘Zero to Hero’ can be split to suit your individual requirements so you can complete the training over a certain period of time.


As mentioned if you have experience or have already completed other theory courses you may possibly be able to get straight for the ICC certificate.


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We looking forward to being of service.



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