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Soaked in Treasure and Blood 

 As my mate Bruce says: “Sometimes tomorrow comes soaked in treasure and blood”. Now that’s quite an apt statement for me at the moment with the impending relocation of Atlas to Spain. The meaning is that though things turn out great there’s a price to pay for it as in battles in years gone by […]

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D-Day is almost upon us !

Well the date set for the BIG move is September 10th so barring some inclement weather we shall be heading toward our new base in sunny, southern Spain. We shall leave Fleetwood and head to Crosshaven, Co Cork where we will restock provisions before heading out into the Atlantic and crossing the Bay of Biscay. […]

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Sailing Adventure

Here’s just a quick Vlog that I’ve just put together.  

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Making some NOISE !

A few of the marketing companies reading this might be thinking ‘Shut Up and stick to sailing’. However, my view about marketing is that it’s not exactly rocket science it’s all about making a noise in the right ears and attracting attention to what you have. I do speak with a modicum of experience as […]

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Wake me up when September ends!

Why wake me up when September ends?   Obviously the ‘Muso Folk’ will know it’s a well known song but when September does end Atlas Sailing will be based in la Linea de la Concepcion, Spain. I’ve decided that the way forward with the business is to relocate. Although the business has continually year on […]

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New Blended ICC Training Courses

After recent discussions with the head office of the IYT about how best to offer students a better experience and get them out on the water sailing sooner which is what every student wants of course. We have put together a new ‘Blended Learning’ for both ICC and Bareboat Skipper courses which allows the student […]

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