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Bring me my arrows of desire !

In keeping with the theme of using a song etc as a title here we go again.   Now bear with me on this one. There aren’t many pieces of music that sum up the spirit of Britain more than what Jerusalem does. In fact in my opinion it should be the national anthem, however, […]

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Riders of the Storm

First of all, here are the next names that will be used for future storms: Eva, Frank Gertrude, Henry, Imogen, Jake & Katie. There are more but that should see you right for a while. Btw This is another trend that has come over from America along with Trick or Treating, eating burgers,  Black Friday […]

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How many Award Nights do we need ??

As the title suggests my question is: How many  business award ceremonies can there actually be? This post will possibly ruffle some feathers so I’m not naming any particular person or award ceremony. I’m just speaking generally.Perhaps many people are being diplomatic or are just a tad wary of saying something on this subject but […]

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Terrorist….Don’t Travel ???

With what looks like another terrorist attack in Egypt there seems to be the usual knee jerk reaction by way of stopping people travelling there. It was the same when there was the attack on tourists in Tunisia earlier in the year. Taking the most recent attack in Egypt if there was a lack of […]

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Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore!

Now that I’m finally moored up in La Linea after what was a whirlwind voyage from the UK with a fantastic crew I actually feel like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. The voyage itself can only be described as EPIC and leaves me with some wonderful and amazing memories. As I write this update the sun […]

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We go tonight !

After being weather bound at Milford Haven for 5 days we now have a reasonable window for good sailing conditions to head out into the big, blue wilderness of the Atlantic and cross Biscay. Our original plans have changed (as they generally do when sailing) so our planned first stop of Bayonna may now be […]

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