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Viva Espana, Greece or maybe Tuscany

After much deliberation and thought it’s looking like I will be transferring the charter operation of Atlas Sailing to Spain. Initially this will be from October to April where afterwards, depending what happens with the Greek situation at the moment, I will be having the Spring & Summer base doing the Greek Islands. That is […]

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YO….Bro !

I’m going to have a little moan. 

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Up in flames !

Sunday the 15th February saw high drama at the marina with ‘Sea Mayden’ a motor cruiser going up in flames.

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The ‘Balls Up’ !

Contrary to your first impression there will be no rude or offensive content in this post so apologies if that disappoints any if you ;-)

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Back to normal now.

Hello all ! You may possibly have noticed a lack of activity on the various social media platforms from me over the ‘Festive Period’?

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The Zero to Hero Guide !

I’ve put this post together to clarify the most practical route to take in order to obtain your qualification to charter your own yacht as a skipper.

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